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If you are planning an event, a congress, a conference or a meeting, you as the organizer are usually faced with the following questions: Which speaker is the right one? Do I need a presenter or a keynote speaker? These questions cannot be answered quickly. On the one hand, the variety of speakers is unmanageable huge, on the other hand the success of an event depends on the quality of the speaker.

Our 10 tips make it easier for you to find the right speaker – in addition, of course, we offer you individual advice and recommend you the best keynote speakers, presenters or moderators for your event.

01The topic

"We need a talk on cyber security". With this very generic description of a topic you will only find the perfect speaker with luck. Limit the topic as accurately as possible. Only then you can be sure that the presentation fits your topic.

02The function

Think as carefully as possible in advance about the form of the speech you would like. A keynote speaker is particularly suitable for an introduction to a topic, but if a topic is to be examined from a personal point of view, an orator is better suited. A presentation serves to discuss a question and to convey suggestions and ideas for solutions.

03The style

Each speaker has his or her own style - be clear about what you want, and above all, what your guests’ group wants: If the speaker's appearance is to provide a sense of relaxation, you need someone who also has an entertainment competence. Do you want a witty, even funny performance? Or do you want a complicated topic to be presented in an easily understandable and comprehensible way? Each of these wishes influences the choice of the speaker.

04The language

Not every speaker can speak several languages. Depending on the topic and requirements, you have the choice of whether the speaker should speak in the "event language" or in his or her mother tongue, which then must be simultaneously translated and would mean an additional effort.

05Video analysis

Many speakers post examples of their work on the Internet - on YouTube you will find numerous examples. Take a look at the videos of your candidates and ask yourself if they fit the style, the form, your wishes for a talk and your guests.

06Keep some options open

Avoid committing to one speaker too early - be aware that short-term changes are always possible in this industry. In addition, very few speakers are under contract to a single agency, so it makes sense for you to keep two or three options open until the contract is signed.

07Let us advise you

Few speakers are directly accessible - most of them are under contract with agencies, such as MCI-speakers.de. You can benefit from this: first, because of the meaningful experience and expertise. Secondly, because the agency knows the strengths and weaknesses of the speakers and can assess very precisely which type suits you best.

08The Briefing

If you have a choice of 2 to a maximum of 3 speakers, then you should provide these candidates a detailed briefing with topic, goals and guidelines. This gives you the assurance that each candidate has the same information and can take a stand on it. This step can avoid some disappointment.

09The rights

Clarify early and comprehensively what rights you have on the speech: Are you allowed to use the speech? In whole or in part? With what restrictions? Do you also have the rights to video and audio recordings? If so, where and for how long?

10The costs

Yes, speakers cost something - some even a lot. But set the costs in relation to your goals and the number of participants. Neither is expensive = good nor is it cheap = bad. A good speaker needs about 10 times more preparation time than for the speech itself. You should always take this into account when making your calculations.

Our advice is free but not in vain!

Use the experience of MCI-speakers to find the right keynote speaker, the best presenter, moderator or trainer.

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