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From Big Data, Internet of Things, cyber security and digital strategy for companies to robotics, self-driving cars, and artificial intelligence, here at MCI-Speakers you will find the right expert or the perfect speaker in the field of digitization and technology.

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Edgar K. Geffroy

Edgar K. Geffroy is a visionary and entrepreneur who researches future customer needs and develops customer strategies.

German Ramirez

German Ramirez is an expert on the digital and social media scene. His talks show how these areas are changing customer behavior.

Gib Bulloch

Gib Bulloch worked for Mars, BP and Accenture. Today, he is an author, speaker and moderator on business and society.

Inma Martinez

Inma Martinez is Pioneer in the Mobile Industry, Technology Product Maverick & Data Scientist

Iskender Dirik

Iskender Dirik: Technology expert. His topics are above all Artificial Intelligence and its influence on society.

Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Earle alias Johnny Cupcakes has created one of the fastest growing companies with a t-shirt brand.

Jon Christoph Berndt

Jon Christoph Berndt is Keynote Speaker and Adviser on Positioning / Profiling / Performance Enhancing

Karin Frick

Karin Frick is Head of Think Tank and a Member of the Executive Board at the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. She researches & analyzes trends and counter-trends in business, society and consumption.

Laura Winterling

Laura Winterling is a physicist and trains astronauts. She takes her audience on a journey into space. Charismatic, amusing and inspiring.

Leonie Müller

Leonie Müller: Digital Nomade. Leonie Müller's self-experiment makes clear how free we are through the possibilities of digitization and how easy it is to see mobility as an approach for new structures.

Marcus Kerti

Marcus Kerti is Speaker and passionate mental coach with efficient techniques from kinesiology

Markos Aristides Kern

Markos Aristides Kern is an entrepreneur, sports tech innovator, gamification expert and an adept orator.