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Andreas Arnemann

In his exciting lectures, Andreas Arnemann gives an up-to-date overview of cyber crime and Internet security.

Barbara Lüthi

Barbara Lüthi is an expert on China & Southeast Asia and a much sought-after Keynote-speaker at events and seminars with her profound first-hand knowledge.

Dietmar Dahmen

Dietmar Dahmen is Enricher of People, Brands, User Experience. Rockstar on Stage!

Eckart von Hirschhausen

Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen combines, as the inventor of the medical cabaret, entertainment & health with personal topics.

German Ramirez

German Ramirez is an expert on the digital and social media scene. His talks show how these areas are changing customer behavior.

Gib Bulloch

Gib Bulloch worked for Mars, BP and Accenture. Today, he is an author, speaker and moderator on business and society.

Martina Fuchs

Martina Fuchs is Business Journalist, Event Moderator and Expert on Asia, China and the Middle East.

Michael Spitzbart

Michael Spitzbart is one of the best-known health experts in Europe and an internationally sought-after speaker on the subject of stress management.

Michaela Merk

Dr. Michaela Merk is a professional speaker, trainer and author in the areas of sales, brand management and digitization.

Peter Hacker

Peter Hacker is Cyber Security, Crypto-Technology Expert & a passionate and globally recognized advisor to committees, risk committees and organizations.

Regina Först

Regina Först focuses on human leadership style and shows that it also has economic advantages.

Reto Brennwald

Reto Brennwald is a journalist and presenter at Swiss Radio and Television SRF.