Anitra Eggler: Digital Detox Pioneer, Internet Veteran, Bestselling Author

Anitra Eggler is the “most sought-after female voice on the risks and side effects of digitization” (ORF). The internet veteran “knows all the digital tricks” (radioeins). The digital detox pioneer has “made a great career out of the goal to rid the world of smartphone zombies, the number of which is always growing” (Markus Lanz, ZDF).

Free from digitization clichés and buzzword embellishments: Lectures that make you forget your cell phone.

»If you are looking for a lecture that will fascinate your guests, make them think and inspire you, then Anitra is the right choice. You have to experience her – words to describe this explosion of charisma and zest for life have yet to be invented «says Andreas Müller, who is responsible for brand & sponsoring at Swiss PostFinance AG after a roadshow with Anitra Eggler. It is indeed difficult to describe Anitra Eggler.

A native of Karlsruhe and an enthusiastic Viennese by choice, Anitra Eggler is an exceptional phenomenon.

Her résumé begins: She was the fastest student at the grammar school in Karlsruhe, obituary reporter in Buenos Aires, journalism scholarship holder in Passau, internet pioneer in Munich, Cyberlion juror in Cannes, “power woman of the year” and founder of digital therapy in Vienna. Today, the ex-startup manager is one of the best speakers of our time – as her audience would agree. Relentlessly honest. Irresistibly charming. Rhetorically brilliant. Refreshingly different. Worth every penny. This kind of feedback always comes when Anitra is on stage and motivates her audience to take a smart, self-confident and self-critical approach to digitization. How does she do it? An Internet veteran, Anitra Eggler anticipates trends and hot topics earlier than others. As a digital detox pioneer, she knows from experience how her listeners best deal with it – both professionally and privately.

As a creative all-rounder, she packs her content into bold, entertaining, multimedia stage shows that make young and old forget their mobile phone. “Anitra is eloquent, witty, entertaining, and manages to draw the attention of every zombie away from their phone to her. A great presentation which has a long-lasting effect! «, Sabrina Schmid, HR Manager at the Swiss SBB, describes the» Anitra-Eggler effect «More than 200,000 people have experienced Anitra Eggler so far and were thrilled. Hilarious and deadly serious, highly complex and understandable for everyone – the journalist and bestselling author succeeds on stage in doing a balancing act that only very few speakers can create and makes Anitra Eggler a guarantee for maximum event success – just see for yourself. Tip: Anitra Eggler is one of the most sought-after speakers. She only holds 50 talk a year. Make sure you book the date you want in time!

Talks by Anitra Eggler

About her Talks

Anitra Eggler talks are as multifaceted as digitization. Each talk provides valuable impulses and inspiration, courage, motivation, new insights and much laughter. And, most importantly, maximum practical relevance for work and private life – in a time of erosion of the border between both, Anitra Eggler always takes both sides into consideration and creates a balance between work and play, between annual results (aka Christmas bonus) and screen-life balance (aka enjoyment of life). That’s a promise.

Subject: Keep this E-mail!

This lecture is quick-fire therapy for office warriors and all people suffering from permanent digital distraction. Interactive group therapy frees the listener from the diseases that destroy the most workplace fun, free time and personal relationships for any Homo Digitalis: email madness, aimless surfing syndrome, meeting malaria, presentation plague, smartphone addiction and data diarrhoea. The result? An instant digital detox that stays with you!
Core topics: Getting out of the digital hamster wheel, digital self-management, effectiveness, productivity, management by humanity instead of management by email.

Help, I deleted Google! Do you speak digitalization?

A translation tool for the digitally naive, digitally ignorant and digitally illiterate, for digital natives, digital late-comers, digital migrants and digital newcomers. Everything you always wanted to know about the digital world but didn’t dare to ask. Warning: After this, the migrants may be Facebook friends with the natives, and the newcomers may enjoy digitalization for the first time.
Core topics: No fear of digitization, digital buzzwords versus traditional values, buzzword bingo, generational conflict, under-digitization versus over-digitization, how to be not less digital, but better, and working together instead of against each other.

Homo digitalis or digital idiot?

Good news for everyone with a pulse: as the owner of a data body, you are in possession of the most valuable raw material of our time. Thanks to digitization, you have an oil mine and a gold mine in the front yard. Even better, the mine is you! Yes, YOU! Yet millions of people protect their priceless body of data with such cunning passwords as “1234567” and exchange valuable personal data for free apps and laughable discounts. Stop! Your common-sense upgrade to will install itself during this talk.
Core topics: Data, data protection, informational self-determination, digital self-defense – in short, the most unpopular digital topics prepared for maximum popularity.

Seven digital deadly sins

On the eighth day, God created the digital. And it was good. A paradise. Fall of Man 2.0: The Digital Paradise maximized the mortal-sin potential of humans. They craved free stuff. Surfed endlessly. Were envious, slow, and lazy. Created the fiber optic cable. They coveted the other woman, clicked it and called it a slip of the mouse. They judged cruelly and blasphemed everything that had once been human. Time for Final Judgment? The absolution? This lecture brings light into the Darknet.
Core topics: Best of digital deadly sins 2.0, Humanizing digitization, the Web’s system of values, social responsibility, anti-social media versus social media.
Lecture variants: The seven digital-marketing, communication, or startup deadly sins.

Off? On? OMline!

Was it better back in the day? No. It just looked different. Good news! There is life after offline and online: OMline! OMline is the new online. In a cheerful before-and-after show, this lecture illuminates in a cheerful slow-motion retrospective on how the most important areas of life and work have been changed by digitization. In the end, listeners are inspired and instructed to work smart and live stress-free – OMline. Core topics: best of analog versus best of digital, common sense versus lifehacking, new luxury time, unavailability as a status symbol, digital balance, work smarter not harder, screen-life balance.
Note: This lecture focuses on the now, the possible, and the feasible and is therefore absolutely future-proof and crystal ball free.

Are you still you? # selfie

That was smartphone junkie English for: Are you still yourself? We live in the age of selfism. The first image a toddler perceives of itself is not a reflection. It’s a selfie that their parents take so that others can also “like” their family happiness. In the social media showcase, we seem more attractive than we are. Happier than we feel. The digital doppelganger is beautifully filtered beyond recognition. People of all ages now get rid of their wrinkles with injections because they want to be more like their selfie than their real humanity. Where is this leading us? To this lecture. Better than Botox, we promise.
Core topics: self-esteem, self-image, social media, digital doppelganger, reputation, impression management, incarnation, growing up, ego, appearance versus reality, society.

It’s off. PS: It was never on!

Language is the source of all misunderstandings. The digital makes these more possible: Emails and Whatsapp messages are the source of all misunderstandings – private and professional. Whatsapp is a witness in every third divorce summons. Management emails and CC-tattletales communicate with others to the point of job termination. Social-media-incontinent people post about jobs, relationships, and their thoughts. Is that necessary? (No winky emoji) No. The lecture for everyone, both women and men*, who want to understand each other better and generally digitally communicate more successfully. *or not yet decided.
Core topics: Digital communication, language, style, content, corporate wording, male-female communication, employer-employee communication, customer-colleague communication, communicative failures, bad luck and glitches 2.0.

 References about Anitra Eggler

Anitra Eggler brings as much energy to the stage as five women, ten men and four draught horses! (Philipp S. F. Wustrow, KMU HSG – University St. Gallen)

To confront an auditorium with its digital bad habits is courageous. To make it smile, even sometime get a big laugh, is a great art. Anitra Eggler gets to the heart of matters. She is eloquent, sharp-tongued, and at the same time charming, endearing, and incredibly entertaining. Her digital therapy gets eaten up virtually unnoticed mixed with laughter and so works completely and without side-effects. (Gerhard Zeiner, CEO SAP Austria)

You have enriched our event not only with your great presentation, but also with your wonderful personality! (Lucia Ottenritter, COE-Manager Wella)

Inspiring! Powerful! Life changing! (Dr. Roger Kehl, Management Board Atos Germany)

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