Arian Ney: Influencer, Speaker, Founder and CEO of Avone media

Arian Ney is a 23-years old impact-driven entrepreneur, who has collectively motivated and inspired hundreds of thousands of people. He got featured in numerous international publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, BuzzFeed, MyComeUp, etc. and is described as a “marketing sensation” and “the future you need to know”. He is the co-founder and CEO of AVONEMEDIA, a social media powerhouse based in Berlin, Germany.

Arian Ney primarily grew up with his Iranian mother after the divorce of his parents. Seeing betrayal, alcohol and physical abuse at home by following partners of his mother, he was forced to grow up and mature very quickly. Sweeping floors, cleaning bathrooms and working as a waiter by the age of 14 for a humble hourly wage made him appreciate the value of money and hard work.

He immersed himself into self-development by the age of 16 and decided to turn the negative energy given in his life into a positive direction. Through his determined mind-set and work ethic, Arian was able to outperform, got A-grades at school and received a scholarship for highly talented students, which allowed him to study law while he was still attending high school – an honor, which is only granted to the fewest students.

After finishing his A-grades, Arian Ney was able to study at the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, one of European´s most demanding and elite universities. He finished his studies in International Management, while starting his first social media consulting business, doing pro-bono consulting projects and assisting the chair of marketing and sales.


Arian Ney is a firm believer in life-long learning. He appreciated all the knowledge he was able to intake throughout his studies, but he was still not satisfied. What was lacking was real-life entrepreneurial experience. Driven by that, he has been looking for inspirational personalities to learn from and managed get into the inner circle of Gerard Adams, a.k.a. “The Millennial Mentor™”, the founder of Elite Daily (sold to the Daily Mail for USD 48 Million), through social media. Being fascinated by Adams’ mantra “Leaders Create Leaders”, Arian found creative ways to apply for a mentee position.

After sending hand-written letters, a hand-made art piece and flying to New York in order to meet Adams personally, Arian was granted the position as Adams’ Millennial Apprentice. He lived in Adams’ guest room and stayed with him for 3 months. He was able to learn from a seasoned veteran entrepreneur and was introduced to all of Adams network.

Adams describes Arian as follows:

“There are not many people as ambitious and driven as Arian. I have mentored him for three months in person and he has proven to be a person with outstanding integrity, professionality and passion for what he does. […] He has shown that he is an exceptional leader within his circle of influence and will one day be a leader for millions. Everybody who has the opportunity of working with Arian should definitely take it!”

Career of Arian Ney

Having learned from mentors like Adams and other renown and prestigious business people, Arian Ney has established an international network with people like Jay Shetty, Fam Mirza, Jakob Mähren and many more. His network is considered one of Germany’s “strongest newcomer networks”.

He took everything he was able to learn and observe and founded his own company AVONEMEDIA, a social media powerhouse based in Berlin, Germany. In his first business year, his team and him worked with industry leaders in the field of fitness, supplements, real estate, as well as bestselling authors and TV celebrities. Some of Germany’s most prestigious and known entrepreneurs are among the clients of his company.

After a rapid and dynamic first business year, AVONEMEDIA was able to secure an investment by the Mähren AG, which is led by Jakob Mähren. After the proof of concept, further trust was given to the young entrepreneur by the real estate tycoon Mähren. The company is now aiming towards scaling heavily and maintaining the outstandingly fast pace.

Mission of Arian Ney

As a kid, when I went through tough times, my mother kept reminding me of one foundational principle: “Life is what you make it.”

I was socially scarred. I was filled with limiting beliefs. I wasn’t living my true potential.

Despite all odds, she kept believing in me.

It was just one person that kept giving me hope and one person that changed my life forever because of the persistent support that person gifted me.

As the elongation of my mother I made it my mission to be exactly this person for you: to see and bring out your potential.

Giving you hope, giving you strength and giving you the tangible tools, you need in order to succeed in your life – no matter what your definition of success might be.

“My mission is to spread the legacy of my mother.”

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