Inma Martinez: Pioneer in the Mobile Industry, Technology Product Maverick & Data Scientist

Inma Martinez is a pioneer in the mobile industry since the late 1990s and a technology product maverick and data scientist, having been behind the major innovation advances in web and mobile, such as data-mining and A.I, Behavioural Learning and Sentiment Analysis. These and other computational analyses have powered e-commerce, fintech, development of mobile data services, mobile personalization in real-time, mobile music and image streaming as well as film & TV content delivery across various platforms.

Inma Martinez is an industry recognized artificial intelligence and digital technology scientist who performed 1:1 personalization in the early days of the mobile Internet and who is considered part of the original development teams behind wireless access protocol (WAP), mobile music and video streaming, portable technologies, widgets, the forerunners of mobile applications, and the “networked car”.

Topics from Inma Martinez

  • Digital Media and the Future of Technology
  • The Rise of Social Media -What Does It Mean for Your Business?
  • Mobile and Web Technologies
  • Innovation
  • Telecommunications
  • Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship
  • Diversity – Women in the Digital World

Inma is an inspirational speaker often engaged to predict the future digitization of various sectors, and she has delivered keynotes, participated in industry panels or acted as chairperson at major conferences in Europe, the Middle East and the United States since 2000. From industry events such as the GSMA Mobile World Congress to top multinational private events (IBM Smart Planet, BDO, Deloitte, BusinessWeek, Euromoney) and technology summits (TechCrunch, GigaOm), Inma is recognized by Fortune and Time as one of the top talents in social engagement through technology.

In one of her current roles she is currently consulting as a Data Scientist and Product Innovator for Securus, a cyber security company. She has also consulted for Preadly, a company that publishes and syndicates internationally the top local blogs in every country via web and app. It turns the posts into interactive, searchable data that users can save and share via private and social media channels.

In 2010 Inma was asked by the British government in 2010 to serve the UK Trade & Industry Catalyst Programme as a technology business leader sharing with foreign governments and business enterprises the British innovation advances and export opportunities.

In 2005 Red Herring ranked her 25th out of the top 40 women in technology, labelling her a “free radical”, whereas FastCompany has defined her as a “firestarter”.

Currently in her new book, The Fifth Industrial Revolution, Inma Martinez explains how the commercialization of space will become the greatest industrial expansion of the 21st century.

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