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Laura Winterling simply “Beyond Keynote Speaking”

When people ask Laura Winterling nowadays what her assets are to motivate, inspire and or simply entertain people, she makes an internal list. She is a woman, a physicist, a former astronaut instructor and an entrepreneur. Combining these diverse characteristics by having worked for the European Space Agency for almost a decade, allows Laura Winterling to take her audience on an incredible journey far up into the atmosphere.

After nearly 10 years working with astronauts, she knows about the potential of this topic – manned space flight is inspiring and arouses the interest of so many people and it is thus a fantastic basis for all her lectures and presentations. Cleverly, Laura Winterling conveys interesting facts about the space industry and knows how to fascinate the audience in an entertaining and living way through anecdotes and self-experienced stories.

In Laura’s lectures, people can fly to the space station, experience the everyday life of an astronaut – from complex and humorous stories – and gain insights behind the scenes of a mission into space.

Anyone who is more interested in topics such as management, efficient decision-making, error culture and efficient communication is also in good hands with Laura Winterling. But also underlying facts spilling over into areas like Leadership & Followership, Living and Working under Stressful Situations and Group building.

Human Spaceflight as a tangent area between science, technology and business.

Spaceflight – All the space you need for an extraordinary variety of topics

All the topics here can be linked to human spaceflight, astronaut training, mission of astronauts to the space station and daily life and work issues that astronauts encounter during spaceflights.

This list should only be used as a guideline and starting point for further brainstorming and creativity.

All topics can be tailored to customer needs and preferences.

Advantage and Selling Points to customers:

– (Human) Spaceflight is a highly flexible and formable field and therefore suitable for all kinds of different genres, companies, working areas and fields of interest.

– Customer needs and wishes can be easily merged effortlessly into the broad topic of spaceflight

– Topics that can be addressed, but are not limited to those below:

  • Leadership & Followership
  • Efficient Decision Making
  • Living and Working under Stressful Situations
  • Group Forming
  • Efficient Communication
  • Culture of Mistakes – Why We Need Mistakes to Grow
  • Visions & Change

Tangents can be drawn everywhere and it is up to your imagination to create your own space here.

Other Presentation Topics from Laura Winterling

1. Astronaut Training and Life Onboard the ISS

How to become an astronaut, what are the requirements of NASA and ESA today?, what is the process of selection and what are the hurdles to be taken to get the chance to become a candidate to be on the space station ISS?

Basic training, selection for a flight to the ISS, and 3-year preparatory training require a lot of motivation and dedication from astronauts before, during, and after a mission. The International Space Station ISS is the most fascinating outpost of humanity over the earth. But how did she get there, who operates it and what does an astronaut do when she/he can not sleep up there?

Laura Winterling explains vividly and with many anecdotes from 10 years as an astronaut trainer at ESA the individual preparation steps and lets her listeners experience an exciting journey from the ground, through Kazakhstan into space and back.

2. Women in Male Dominated Working Fields – How to Become What You Are

Ms. Winterling calls it 'Mission I'm Possible' when she describes her career from physics studies in Bayreuth to the ESA in Cologne.
To become an astronaut trainer requires a healthy mix of ambition, skill and an important amount of luck.

What do you do as an astronaut trainer, how do you train people for space and why astronauts are normal people?
Ms. Winterling describes these and other areas with a lot of dedication and humor and takes her audience on an exciting and fascinating journey not only 400 km high into space but also to oneself.

3. “Mission I’m Possible – Motivational Speech about Chances and Coincidences

-From women to women? Or maybe for everyone?
-Decide for yourself!
-Astronaut as a quota?
-Quota and equal opportunities?

Critical questions and a few groundbreaking answers from a former astronaut trainer at ESA, who motivates, inspires and initiates new projects and changes old mechanisms.

4. “Stop Wishing” – MotivAction – Beyond Motivational Coaching

Between boxing, weights and two wheels - that much we can transfer from sports to our daily lives and take with us, we just have to look closely.
Why 'stop wishing' has become more than just a tattoo and how much more behind these two words. From ,I wish' to ,I'd like to' , with a few helpful lessons from several years as a licensed LesMills instructor for mixed martial arts and barbell training and a passionate mountain biker.

5. Star City – Russian Space History & Russian Soul – between Traditions and Technology

Hidden in the woods not far from the metropolis of Moscow is the former military area around 'Star City' - the legendary place where Yuri Gagarin once lived and worked. Be enchanted by the journey to a place that has entered the history of Russian space travel like no other. Where tradition meets modernity and today astronauts and cosmonauts are prepared for their flight into space. Of Soviet buildings, a turbulent history, nature and the Russian soul - insights into the Russian space, Roscosmos, and the life of cosmonauts.

Motivationstalk with simple but very convincing transmissions from the most diverse sports into the everyday.

References about Laura Winterling

Raya-Zoë Nikol, Sales Manager, CCH, Congress Center Hamburg

  • “So inspiring and uplifting!”
  • ”Such an eye opening speech”

Daniel Letocha, Cologne Tourist Board

  • “Ms. Winterling impresses with her enormous authenticity thanks to her CV”
  • “She captivates the audience with her expertise and the unique insights”

Kerstin Wuensch, co-founder of the She Means Business Conference and editor-in-chief of the tw tagungswirtschaft (dfv Media Group)

  • “She encouraged the 400 participants, women and men to aim high and to believe in themselves”
  • “She loves to be on stage, and she loves meeting people”



Laura Winterling: Life in space is surreal sometimes.

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