Olivier Bernhard: Entrepreneur, CEO of On, World Champion and Keynote Speaker

World Champion & Businessman Olivier Bernhard

After a successful carrier as a Duathlon- and Triathlon-Athlete, Olivier Bernhard searched for a new challenge as an entrepreneur together with “ON Running”. The success is remarkable and so is the fast-paced revenue increase, due to his past experience as a professional athlete.

Olivier Bernhard founds On Running in Zurich in January 2010

Dozens of prototypes have been developed. The basic concept – cushioned landing, powerful kick-off – was always the top priority. It was this unique running feeling that also motivated Caspar Coppetti and David Allemann to work on the project. Together with Olivier Bernhard they founded On in January 2010 in Zurich. Their mission to develop a product range characterised by Swiss engineering skills quickly gathered momentum.
Nine years later, On running shoes are now available in more than 6,000 specialist shops for runners’ needs in over 50 countries. In addition to its European headquarters in Zurich, On has opened branches in the USA, Japan, Australia and Brazil. On products continue to win international awards for outstanding design and innovative technology. And On is far from having reached the finish line.

Decisions are the key

For Olivier Bernhard there are four key decision factors, which are responsible for the road to success or failure. These 4C`s are: Control, Confidence, Challenge and Commitment. It is about making the right decisions in each category, which will ultimately lead to success.

Set concrete goals – build a vision

Exploring borders – unpredictable obstacles

You often face great challenges – so you have to be inventive. You’re forced to rethink certain things and redefine boundaries.

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