Steven van Belleghem: Author, digital expert in customer relations in the digital world and Keynote Speaker.

Steven van Belleghem, Digital Expert: When Digital becomes Human.

Steven van Belleghem is a global expert in customer orientation and relationships in the digital world. The speaker, who is renowned at home and abroad, has been a keynote speaker in more than 30 countries worldwide. In his presentations, Steven takes his audience on an intelligent, passionate and inspiring journey into the world of today’s customer relationships.

Lectures and workshops

Steven’s presentations will focus on the future of customer relations and marketing. The presentations can be tailored to the specific needs of your event and target group.

When digital becomes human

About the change in customer relationships

Today there is an urgent need for a radical change in customer relations. Customers live in a world of self-service, big data, customer automation and the integration of the online and offline worlds. If no digital relationship is created, the future of business is at stake.

A successful digital transformation is essential but will not be enough. With digital development, your customer relationships must also change on a human level. The main challenges in this regard are numerous and interesting: creating a balanced relationship between man and machine, highlighting the role of human contribution and making the most of the ability to connect people.

Steven will guide you through his new story “When digital becomes human”. This story is about combining digital and human transformation as part of your client strategy. It takes you on a journey into the future and is provocative, exciting and frightening at the same time. Enjoy this impressive journey!

Steven has written three bestsellers. He became known through his first book, “The Conversation Manager”, which won him the award for the most innovative marketing book of 2010. He also wrote the book “The Conversation Company”, and his latest book, “When Digital Becomes Human”. The latter was awarded Best Marketing Book 2015. More than 75,000 copies of his books have been sold.

Biography of Steven van Belleghem

Steven van Belleghem studied applied economics at the University of Ghent. He spent his summers specializing in marketing at the University of Berkeley. After all these years, Steven’s love is still for San Francisco and the beautiful California. Steven began his research career as a research assistant at Vlerick Business School, where he now lectures as a visiting professor of marketing.

In 2001, Steven was one of the first employees of InSites Consulting, a start-up in the online market research industry. Over time, he climbed the career ladder and became a managing partner and shareholder. Steven has now been part of InSites Consulting for eleven and a half years. During this time the company grew from just 8 employees to 130 employees and now has branches in 5 countries.

In 2012 Steven started his own inspiration company: B-Conversational. He runs this company together with his wife, business partner and best friend Evi, and together they inspire companies worldwide.

Since 2014 Steven has been involved in 3 start-ups. He is a partner in the consulting company Nexxworks, co-founder of Zembro (a wearables start-up) and co-founder of the content creation company Snackbytes.

Steven lives in a small exotic Belgian town called Knesselare, which is right next to his home town Maldegem. Steven is married to Evi and they have two children together: Siebe and Mathis. Steven likes to spend time with family and friends to enjoy life together and discover the beauty of the world. He is also a big Disney fan.

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When Digital Becomes Human: The Transformation of Customer Relationships

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The Conversation Company

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The Conversation Manager

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